Early Foreign Visitors to Shizuoka

Early Foreign Visitors to Shizuoka

Hello and welcome my blog on foreign visitors to Shizuoka in the second half of the 19th century.  This blog forms part of a research project sponsored by the Suruga Institute.  The aim of the project is to uncover early foreign experiences in and perceptions of Shizuoka through an analysis of contemporary travel diaries, journals and letters.  Many foreigners visited Shizuoka in the second half of the 19th century usually as tourists and, fortunately for us, many left a permanent record of their trip in the form of published (and unpublished) travel diaries, journals and letters.  It is from these contemporary sources that I hope to bring to life the experiences of early foreign visitors to Shizuoka.

こんにちは、そして私のブログにようこそ! このブログは19世紀後半に静岡県を訪れた外国人についてのものであり、財団法人企業経営研究所の助成を受けての学術探求の一端でもあります。この探求の目的は、旅行記や学術機関紙、手紙を分析することによって開国当初の外国人たちが、静岡県で経験したことや印象に残ったことを解明することです。幕末から明治初期において多くの外国人が、通常は旅行者として静岡県を訪れました。そして私たちにとって幸いなことにその多くは、旅行記や学術機関紙、手紙などの形で出版物として(未出版物もありますが)後世に残されました。これらの当時の情報に焦点を当てることにより、19世紀後半に静岡県を訪れた外国人が経験したことを蘇らせたいと思います。

I’ve organized the blog into pages with each page focusing on the experience of one traveler.  The travelers include famous visitors such as Commodore Perry and Townsend Harris and also less well-known visitors such as Edward Warren Clark (an oyatoi gaikokujin who ran a science school in Shizuoka in the early 1870s) and Mary Pruyn (the first western women to visit Shizuoka city).


As well as the writing the blog, I intend to create a downloadable resource pack on early foreign visitors to Shizuoka for use in schools.  I also hope to publish part of the research in an academic journal.


The English language pages on the first three authors can be found here:


Commodore Matthew Calbraith Perry

Townsend Harris

William Maxwell Wood


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